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This is the page where I write on Web3 and design NFTs.  I write on web3 to provide information that clearly defines what I believe might be useful.  I design an NFT collection and then provide a description that describes the details of the files to be created as NFTs.

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MYCERA, my NFTs collection on the OpenSea

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Writing NFTs on Mirror Web3

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MYCERA profile description is taken from the abbreviation Meta Young Chain Ethereum Real Account.

I follow the name "Meta" from Metaverse inspiration and "Young" or still a young age.  Still young because of this profile name I created via a wallet connected to OpenSea in early 2023. The Ethereum chain is the Ethereum blockchain as it currently stands.

What's this?  This is a collection of NFTs that not only represents my real account as a user of the OpenSea NFTs marketplace, but also a collection of  photography and art. 

What Is Tezd Symornt?

Tezd Symornt is an alphabetic "tz" typeface Symbol designed into a 3D ornamental model shape with dimensions representing the launch date of the Tezos Blockchain.  The information shows that Tezoz Blockchain launch is June 30, 2018. Therefore, this collection includes 3 models

 1. 3D Model of the alphabet "tz" typeface Symbol.  This is the high-dimensional trappings of 2018, which represents the year Tezoz Blockchain launched.

 2. 3D ball ring ornament with 30 interconnected pieces and 30 diameters each. The track diameter is 2018. This model represents the day/date of launch.  30th.

 3. 3D ball ring ornament with 6 connected balls and each ball has a diameter of 306. Track diameter is 1009, result of 2018:2.  This is the model that represents the Tezoz Blockchain launch, which is in June, the 6th month.

 3D ornament with original dimensions.  Initial letter height 2.5mm to 2018mm.  If Tezd Symornt was built as a real form then his height would be 2.018 meters.

 Dimensions: ISO
 Units: millimeters

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