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My profil is MYCERA. This page is I have placed on the OpenSea site. Click below, please.


There are two MYCERA collections:

MYCERA profile description is taken from the abbreviation Meta Young Chain Ethereum Real Account.

I follow the name "Meta" from Metaverse inspiration and "Young" or still a young age.  Still young because of this profile name I created via a wallet connected to OpenSea in early 2023. The Ethereum chain is the Ethereum blockchain as it currently stands.

What's this?  This is a collection of NFTs that not only represents my real account as a user of the OpenSea NFTs marketplace, but also a collection of live photography while I was there.  The active time information on the bottom right of the photo shows the real evidence.

Real Account is me or you.  And maybe...the NFTs community who want to put their live photos or their digital art on MYCERA.

Maybe there are already a lot of big names from the NFTs owner's profile in OpenSea.  However, MYCERA tries to offer a new way of sharing HAPPINESS.  When you feel happy, have lots of digital collections, there are moments that feel beautiful, birthdays, get lucky, see rainbows, blue sea water, green agriculture, and anything that shows YOU are HAPPY, share it via MYCERA.

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